ITC Informa

"ITC Informa" used to be the 'newsletter' for programs, activities and initiatives promoted by the Trentino Institute of Culture (now Fondazione Bruno Kessler) in the field of research and higher education between 1986 and 2004. Later on, this function was performed by the magazine "Sapere & Saperi", active until 2006.

Conceived as a tool for communication with the community in its broadest sense - from education to economy and culture, social organizations, public administrators - the periodical used to come out every six months, with issues containing a bulletin, interviews, talks by scholars and researchers, as well as an observatory of reports on the various strands of research developed by the ITC Centers in science-technology and the humanities.

"ITC Informa" has been integrated with the supplement "ITC Dossier,  consisting of monographs devoted to in-depth studies on specific research topics of the Istituto Trentino di Cultura, which, in 2007, established Fondazione Bruno Kessler.