European Perspectives on Turkey's Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy

Elena Baracani, Merve Çalımlı (edd)

Series: CERPIC Studies
Number: 2
Publisher: FBK Press
Place of publication: Trento
Year: 2017
Pages: 136




Elena Baracani and Merve Çalımlı - Introduction

Chapter 1
Elena Baracani and Merve Çalımlı - EU-Turkey Relations: Facilitating or Constraining Democratization?
Chapter 2
Ziya Öniş and Mustafa Kutlay - The EU’s Declining Transformative Capacity in a Shifting Global Context: The Turkish Experience
Chapter 3
Rocco Polin, EU-Turkey Cooperation on Migration
Chapter 4
Serena Giusti and Chiara Franco - The Europeanization of Turkey’s Foreign Policy: From Alignment to Misalignment?
Chapter 5
Merve Çalımlı - Is Democracy Promotion a Part of Turkish Foreign Policy? Practices and Implications
Chapter 6
Carlo Frappi - Turkish Foreign Policy in the Caucasus: The Azerbaijan Pillar

Notes on Contributors


Elena Baracani is assistant professor in Political Science at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Bologna, where she is currently teaching “Europe in World Politics” in the MA program in International Relations. Among her publications: L’Unione Europea e la prevenzione dei conflitti. Un’analisi comparata di tre casi di studio: Cipro, Kosovo e Palestina, Il Mulino, 2014; and Unione Europea e democrazia in Turchia, Rubbettino, 2008.

Merve Çalımlı is a dual Ph.D. candidate in political science at Istanbul’s Bilgi University and in Global and International Studies at University of Bologna. In her doctoral dissertation entitled “Reconsidering Democracy Promotion: A comparative analysis of Brazil and Turkey”, Ms. Çalımlı examines the distinct motivations behind the foreign policies of Brazil and Turkey that lead to democracy promotion.


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