Christianity and Violence in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Perspectives from Europe and Japan

Fernanda Alfieri, Takashi Jinno (edd)

Series: Studies in Early Modern and Contemporary European History (SEMC)
Number: 3
Publisher: De Gruyter Oldenbourg
Place of publication: Berlin/Boston
Year: 2021


Price: € 79.95



The volume explores the relationship between religion and violence in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Early modern period, involving European and Japanese scholars. It investigates the ideological foundations of the relationship between violence and religion and their development in a varied corpus of sources (political and theological treatises, correspondence of missionaries, pamphlets, and images).



Fernanda Alfieri and Takashi Jinno

I. Seminal ideas

Debora Tonelli
From Divine Violence to Religious Violence. A Socio-Political Interpretation of Exodus

Vincenzo Lavenia
Holy Scripture, Theology, and Violence. Terror and Samson in the Early Modern Era

Serena Ferente
“Nothing violent can last”: Nature, Violence, and Political Legitimacy in a Scholastic Formula

Takashi Jinno
Tyrannicide as an Act of Divine Justice. The Doctrines of Tyrannicide of John of Salisbury and Juan de Mariana

II. Changing Meanings

Fernanda Alfieri
“Violentia” and the Devil. Early Modern Narratives of Demonic Possession and Catholic Anthropology

Morihisa Ishiguro
Violence and Covenant in Machiavelli’s Thinking

Taku Minagawa
Peace According to the Political Theologians of the Holy Roman Empire at the End of the Thirty Years’ War

III. Theories and Practices

Yuga Kuroda
Reconquista and Muslim Vassals. Religion, Politics, and Violence on the Medieval Iberian Peninsula

Kazuhisa Takeda
The Global Expansion of Christian Violence in the Old and the New World. From Early Church Fathers to the Jesuits

Atsuko Hirayama
Religion and Violence in the Christian Mission in Early Modern Japan

Giovanni Ciappelli
The Privateering by the Knights of Saint Stephen against Turks and Barbary Pirates. Violence and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Printed News Narratives



  • Early modern Europe
  • Violence
  • Japan
  • War
  • Politics
  • Theology